TABIAT – Supplier of agricultural goods

Trader of soft commodities from the Middle East

shahyad-sq-1228702-639x426Tabiat ImEx Sarl is a company active in agricultural products, part of a group of more than 35 years of existence. We have local offices in both Asia and Europe (Monaco, Budapest and Switzerland) through our network still expanding . We offer a diversified portfolio of quality products.

Our experience, our expertise , our origins and our offices are there to deliver the best products at the best price safely.

Based in the principality of Monaco

The activities in the principality of Monaco remonaco-montecarlo-1537910-639x479volve around six broad ranges , teas and dried flowers, pomegranate juice, spices, dried fruits , plants and seeds and gums . Our offices in our network offer other complementary activities. We are always open to study and develop new opportunities with new partners
Teas and dry flowers Pomegranate Spices Dry fruits Plants and grains Gums